HARVARD® Inverted Pyramid®

The principal idea behind the Inverted Pyramid® is that HARVARD®’s management team is there to enable the employees to do their jobs, providing the support necessary to empower employees to excel; A proprietary approach to Human Resources where employees come first. This approach is a common thread of all Doobin Family Companies.

  • As a privately held corporation, our stakeholders are our front line employees who deliver Service Excellence at our client sites. Since inception, HARVARD® has fostered a socially responsible system that begins with stringent employee screening practices, scale-able transitions, continuing education and improvement.
  • Safety, Risk and Service Excellence may only be achieved if every employee feels valued, is given the resources to be successful, and is empowered to execute flawlessly. Most importantly management’s obligation is to personally support the needs of the employee. Born from this concept is the HARVARD Inverted Pyramid®, which puts our employees first to exemplify social responsibility and drive superior client satisfaction.
  • By keeping our organizational structure flat and empowering employees to make decisions, we ensure that our clients’ are never more than “two steps” away from an ultimate decision maker. That culture, in turn, promotes heroic efforts by all employees to exceed clients’ expectations.