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Your Unique Environment

Different business sectors have very unique service needs. It’s important to partner with a service provider who has experience within your industry to help you address your unique challenges.

Medical facility cleaning services

Class A Commercial Office Space

Prestigious commercial Class A properties demand top-notch cleaning by an experienced, reliable service partner. We offer a complete suite of facility solutions to meet these unique demands.

Bank janitorial services

Single And Multi-Tenant Buildings

As a partner in facility services, we consider ourselves an extension of your management team.

Office disinfection service

Corporate Campuses

Clients gain operational benefits and improved facility management with our comprehensive menu of value added services. From mailroom/ courier to maintenance/repair, let us be your one stop solution.

Banking & Financial Institutions

Our financial clients have a national footprint, with hundreds of locations. Our single source provider solution brings cost advantage through vendor consolidation, while our experience ensures continuity.

Educational Facilities

Educational facilities present unique challenges. Fluctuating student populations, semester and summer custodial variance, special events, and housing. Our customized service program is your solution.

Life Sciences

Harvard is the premier national supplier of technical cleaning and GMP sanitization services, delivering value, supporting front line staff while fostering collaboration, creativity and innovation with our clients. 


Cleaning beyond appearance is a critical function within the healthcare industry, as well as using best practice Infection Control processes.

Controlled Environments

Our robust cleaning and disinfecting practices follow strict protocols that not only adjust to conform to client specific SOP procedures, but also comply with specified classifications. ISO 14644-4 and Fed. Std. 209E.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Our membership and compliance with ISNetworld, PICS, and other national safety organizations, as well as our SafetyCheck training program, demonstrates safety as a top management commitment.

How can we help you?

As a leading professional company for commercial and industrial customers, Harvard Services Group serves markets in the lower 48 states and focuses on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our clients’ facilities. Contact us today for more information.

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