Sustainability & Safety

Our approach to Sustainability includes supporting our clients initiatives. Harvard Services Group is committed to Safety and Sustainability in everything we do.

Most people just clean for Appearance, we focus on Cleaning beyond Appearance to Cleaning for Wellness which includes Health and Safety, Sustainability, and Asset Preservation.

Sustainability brings many operational benefits that are beyond “green” cleaning.

Eco cleaning services

HARVARD® Services Group integrates innovative best practices to foster synergies among all corporate departments. These protocols emphasize a truly holistic approach that proves how a contract cleaner can impact a facility’s indoor environment, while providing quality services that may be measured for performance optimization and third party compliance.

Sustainable Supply Chain

HARVARD® Services Group incorporates a sustainable supply chain and appropriate procurement policy of select products, tools and equipment tailored for each client site.

HARVARD® has fostered a sustainable procurement system that is comprised of nationally selected vendors and locally recognized distributors. Other attributes include an environmentally preferred standardized purchasing policy that includes “Just in Time” inventory control to help reduce shipping frequencies and storage space.

Building service contractor

The proximity of the distributors in relation to Harvard operations and client facilities help reduce our carbon emissions and overall corporate carbon footprint; reported annually via the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Diversity certified company
  • Product/Waste Stream Analysis
  • Procurement Assessment
  • Supply Chain Standardizations
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Vendor/Manufacturer Validation
  • Waste Diversion Opportunities
  • Source Reduction Reviews
  • Contingency Planning
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Performance Optimization

Sustainable Processes And Procedures

Our third party certified Sustainable Processes and Procedures provide triple bottom line benefits for us the service provider, our clients and the facility occupants. Each HARVARD® corporate department plays an integral role to accomplish four main economic, social and environmental objectives:

  • Help Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Provide Source Reduction / Divert Waste
  • Help Protect the Health of Building Occupants
  • Conserve Natural Resources

The HARVARD® Sustainable Green cleaning program offers a holistic approach to develop the most effective cleaning methods that help protect human health and safety while reducing harmful impacts on the environment.

Ongoing tracking and reporting via the HARVARD Smart® Quality Assurance Program is performed virtually in real-time for 24-7 access and monitoring.

While HARVARD®’s decision to employ a third-party compliant program provides clients with guaranteed low-emitting products and materials, its rigorous audit systems bolster its commitment to continuous improvement through the development of site-specific action plans and periodic benchmarking.

The HARVARD® 100-point Site Sustainability Scorecard offers client partners an invaluable opportunity for customized, environmental tracking and reporting of our sustainable green cleaning management practices. Administered through the Harvard Sustainability Department, the Scorecard provides client partners with an objective level of standardized practices and sustainability benefits.

Certified Green

Our independent Green certifications show that we use Certified Green Processes throughout our company.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and those in the facilities we service! That’s why HARVARD® Services Group is proud to offer the HARVARD SAFETYCHECK™ Program as part of our Integrated Solutions:

  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Safety Incentive Programs
  • Above and Beyond Industry Standard
  • Safety Audits
  • Insurance Coverage Requirements
  • Best Practices Program (Ergonomics)
  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Employee Safety Training

Contact us for a client presentation that highlights our Incentivized Safety Programs and Best Practices.

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